Totally appropriate that our gates lounge seating at Bangkok Airport was LILAC!!!! What fate! And a great way to end an amazing trip! #WahpaintsW @wbangkok @wretreatkohsamui was epic!
I’m in love #wahpaintsw @wretreatkohsamui  (at W RETREAT KOH SAMUI)
You’re no traveller until you wear a hippy ankle bracelet with your @rupertsanderson shoes #wahpaintsw (at W RETREAT KOH SAMUI)
About to be blessed by a monk… (at Big Buddha Pier, Koh Samui)
More Thai ear candy on our @wretreatkohsamui host Kitty. Very Dior, but these are from the local market and you can buy them in every colour! #Winsider (at W RETREAT KOH SAMUI)
10am sunbathing in @bantuwax  (at W RETREAT KOH SAMUI)
Oh hi @wretreatkohsamui #notatALLsorry!!!! #WAHpaintsW (at W RETREAT KOH SAMUI)
4am wake up call pretty grim but at least I’m coordinating! @prism_london #wbangkok
Totally inspired by Bangkok taxi colours! My nails say ZAP VER which is old traditional Thai word for I’m hot or fabulous kinda like SAPEUR or maybe even SUPER PROPRES as taught to my by my French homies @yoanprat @tombrunet @wuyue5 #internationallanguage #wbkkinsider #wbeauty  (at W Bangkok)
Trying to blend in with these babes #wbeauty #wbkkinsider  (at W Bangkok)
@skydancer 🌈🌈🌈🌈 #wahpaintsw
Room party going down @wbangkok #wahpaintsw @2magazine @wahnails