I am Sharmadean Reid, the Founder of The Stack World a global community of thousands of mission driven women. My life’s work is gender equality and I believe communities are central to achieving that.

(I’m quite obsessed with communities, societies, nations, groups of all kinds and how humans behave in them.)

The Stack World power women’s communities by giving them the platform to self organise through our app. There, they host lectures, workshops and events to connect with other women and build stuff together. 

This summer a group of our Members are launching an Impact DAO with the goal of identifying, challenging and rebuilding systems that prevent women achieving financial equity. Our first mission? Curate 16 Round Table discussions at The Stack World Conference. Apply here to become a contributor. 

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Sharmadean Reid graduated from Central St Martins with a First Class degree in Communication and became a brand consultant and fashion stylist
for Nike, Asos and Arena Homme +.  She started WAH as a hip hop magazine for girls in 2006 while still at university. She then founded WAH Nails as a side project in 2009.

WAH completely changed the beauty landscape with its millennial voice, feminist attitude and innovative salon space. She then wrote two books, delivered global pop up nail salons for 100s of brands, created a product line with Walgreen Boots Alliance and was awarded an MBE from HRH Queen in 2015 for services to Beauty and Women.

Alongside all of this she shared her journey by organising business events for young female entrepreneurs culminating in futuregirlcorp.com.

In 2016 she opened an innovative salon in Soho, London, showcasing a Virtual Reality Nail Design app in collaboration with DVTK and a booking chatbot with Bowtie.AI and was curious about ways to push the service experience further through technology. 

In 2018 she founded Beautystack with Dan Woodbury and Ken Lalobo raising funding from Local Globe and Index Ventures. Beautystack used visual menus and social network mechanics to convert clients to book beauty and wellness treatments. With a proprietary database of beauty service images, we believed that marketplaces should be driven by the community, not by ads. 

The pandemic stymied the launch of Beautystack and during the year of 2020, Sharmadean ran a campaign to increase awareness to the UK Government on the Beauty Pro experience. She also provided content for her growing userbase in the form of business and professional talks, mental health support and books and cultural recommendations. 

Our community was going beyond beauty so in 2021 we launched The Stack World.

Born in Wolverhampton in 1984, resides in London, UK, holla to hang out!