2003 - 2007
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication 
Central St Martins School of Art
First Class with Honors
I wrote my dissertation on the use of art and fashion as propagada for Fascism and Nazism. I am fascinated by how to make something viral through thought leadership and marketing, including 1930s politics.

2003 - 2006
Creative Assistant
While studying,  I assisted Nicola Formichetti, now Artistic Director of Diesel and Kim Jones, now Artistic Director of Menswear for Louis Vuitton. Both were young and making huge waves at the time and from them I learned;

  • How to balance creativity and commercialism. 
  • Why having real people attached to your brand is more impactful than using models
  • How to work with corporates while keeping your soul.

Sportswear Editor
Arena Homme +
During my “Year in Industry” I worked at Arena Homme + Menswear magazine under the tenure of Jo-Ann Furniss and stayed on for the final year while completing my degree. As part of a small team, I worked with high profile photographers and writers on production, casting, styling and writing. Here I learned;

  • How to commission people for projects by tapping into their passions
  • The art of persuasion on minimal budget
  • The importance of a level head in the midst of fashion dramas

I started a MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University, but didn’t graduate because I was inundated with work offers. In this time I read extensively in the areas of sociology, subcultures, identity, theology, political communication and media. I am still struggling with my desire for learning VS my desire for working...

2007 - 2015
Nike Global
Upon graduating, I was headhunted by Nike to work on it’s NikeLab department across all sectors from styling, project management, trend reports and consulting. NikeLab exists to engage the top 1% and 9% of the market, focussing on early adopters and influencers through art, culture and community.

I worked on a range of projects across several territories with the highlight being the Flyknit campaign for the 2012 London Olympics. During this 6 month period I;

  • Launched the Flyknit shoe in the experiential 1948 retail space
  • Created 4 weeks of workshops for over 100 students based around the shoes principles.
  • Entertained Nike VPs visiting London
  • Produced a limited edition book of the summer project.
  • Launched 6 sports clubs, yoga, football etc for the local creative community
  • Commission and oversaw relaunch of the website
  • Implemented and managed social media accounts
  • Worked on the complete refurbishment of a local park in Hackney
  • Oversaw a weeks worth of parties in the park to celebrate the launch
  • Hosted Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto creating live artwork in the space
  • Worked with United Visual Artists on an interactive trampoline performance in the park

It was a v busy summer....

2010 - 2016
I have worked with ASOS across multiple projects and supported the relaunch of the ASOS Magazine and website, primarily casting real people to serve as models - which is now an intergral part of their strategy - and styling the branded content campaigns. Here I learned;

  • Shifting mindsets within a large corporation is possible
  • How to take an early adopter marketing methodology and apply it to the mass consumer on a large scale.
  • That editorial and content marketing is essential to selling consumer goods

2009 - Present
WAH Nails

While styling, I started WAH Nails and built it to 450k followers on Instagram, a busy salon in Soho and 1000s of loyal customers. 

Founder / CEO
I now work on Beautystack full time! A social marketplace for booking beauty services via images.